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Middle and High School Program


Our Program

Our middle and high school program is a ten-week, after-school program for Philadelphia middle and high school students. Each workshop is one hour long and consists of a series of student-led discussions, informational videos, individual reflections, and team-based activities. Through these workshops, we teach a weight-neutral and health-centered approach to self-care. 


The curriculum we teach was developed by Body Empowerment Project in association with The Body Positive. The curriculum, which has been extensively research-validated, covers five key competencies: Reclaim Health, Practice Intuitive Self-Care, Cultivate Self-Love, Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty, and Build Community. 


The middle and high school program is offered at zero cost to public schools in the school district of Philadelphia thanks to generous funding from the University of Pennsylvania’s President’s Engagement Prize.


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Our Participants

Our program is offered to middle and high school students, from 5th-12th grade, in public schools across Philadelphia. In line with our mission of inclusivity, our program is open to students of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions. Our participants’ unique perspectives help us celebrate each individual’s heritage and diverse background to recognize that all bodies are good bodies.

Our Facilitators

The middle and high school program workshops are led by undergraduate student volunteers from the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Temple University in line with our near peer-mentorship model.


Facilitators are extensively trained to administer our curriculum. They additionally undergo a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training including topics such as student sensitivity and safety. All of our volunteer facilitators must acquire all the necessary clearances and background checks required to work with minors in the School District of Philadelphia.


Interested in serving as a facilitator? Click here.

Our Partnering Schools

Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus | William L. Sayre High School | West Philadelphia High School | Paul Robeson High School | Girard Academic Music Program | High School for Creative and Performing Arts | Kensington Health Sciences Academy |  Alexander K. McClure Elementary School | Penn Alexander School| JS Jenks School | SLA SLAMS

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