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Nurse & Educator Trainings

Eating disorders are preventable illnesses. School nurses & educators are oftentimes the first line of defense for students struggling with these mental illnesses.


That is why a key aspect of our mission at the Body Empowerment Project is to train nurses and educators to identify and address eating disorder prevalence within their schools. Through our Nurse & Educator Professional Development Program, we teach nurses and educators about eating disorder risk and prevalence while training them to recognize signs & symptoms and connect students to resources in their area.

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The Nurse & Educator Professional Development Program is a 90-minute educational training which can take place in-person for schools serving Philadelphia or virtually for all other interested parties.


The training is currently available free of cost for all public school educators and nurses. The program is available to private schools for a fee. All proceeds go directly towards funding Be Body Positive Philly groups in public high schools.

Nurse Training Booking
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